Training Topic:       Leadership Training

Time:                         Friday October 5, 9am-12pm

Jesus spent three years developing 12 men.   Not only did his program take three years with 12 students, but it was 24 hours, 7 days each week and 365 days of the year. So, if the Son of God poured every waking hour for three years into a class of twelve handpicked leaders and achieved a 92% success rate, it’s little wonder that we struggle developing leaders in six-week training classes.   Jesus put his students into difficult leadership situations – He constantly challenged them to lead beyond their comfort zones; (“How are you going to feed the crowd?” “Walk on water.” “Go do miracles.”)  Jesus treated each leader as an individual – He confronted Peter, he loved John, and he challenged Thomas. The good news is that Jesus gave us a clear and simple pattern for leadership development. The challenging news is that there are no shortcuts.  Jesus spent time investing in and training those whom he called.  He did not leave it to chance nor did He think they would just figure it out along the way.  He was intentional and deliberate in developing them so that when he left, they would be able to carry out his work.  No, a leadership class or seminar will not make anyone a leader. Neither will it help you to become more anointed.  This training is designed as foundational training for those who are called to lead.  It is not however exclusively for those who are ordained or play a leadership role in their community or church family. It is for those who believe or have a desire to lead or influence others to further God’s kingdom.


Training Topic:       Ministerial Ethics

Time:                         Friday October 5th, 12:30pm-3:30pm

Ministerial ethics can be defined as a set of moral principles or values which are helpful for conduct. Ministerial ethics means moral principles, regulations and rules that help in guiding Ministers’ behaviors, performance and activities etc. in the Church, society and their homes as well.  It is the study of the principles, application and the practices of right and wrong in light of the scripture and Christian faith. These Ethics provide both new and experienced ministers with tools for sharpening their personal and professional decision-making skills.   This training session is designed to help those in ministry, titled or otherwise, to develop a full understanding of the moral principle and values that are essential to godly decision making and personal conduct.


Training Topic:       Helping the Wounded

Time:                         Saturday October 6th, 10:00am-12:30pm

All around us there are wounded and hurting people.  Some have been disenfranchised; others simply see no reason to go on.  We come across them on the bus, in the supermarket, in the park, and yes, in the pew sitting beside us.  Many of us would rather not know; not because we don’t care but we simply don’t know what to say; we simply don’t know how to offer hope to the hopeless.  Yes, we can tell them that “Jesus is the answer”, and indeed He is, but how do we actually convey the hope that is in Jesus to someone who has experienced a lifetime of pain and wounding.  This workshop will provide you with beginning skills of how to offer hope to the hopeless.  No, it will not make you a qualified counsellor, but it will give you the basic skills you need to offer hope to someone who may be at the end of their rope and perhaps feel that life is no longer worth living.  This workshop will teach you how to listen to what is not being said, how to assess risk of self-harm and how to offer a beacon of hope to someone who is surrounded by darkness and despair.  The church is a place for broken and wounded people.  Find out how you can be the hands, feet and mouth of Jesus in helping them to find healing.


**Sessions are not exclusive to ordained ministers/leaders.  Everyone is encouraged to attend.  Please submit your registration by email to sbacc@telus.net or phone 403-273-8557 and indicate which session(s) you will be attending.  THERE IS NO FEE FOR THESE SESSIONS. **