Showers of Blessings Church is proud to present Faith Kids; its Children’s Ministry Program. Faith Kids targets children 3 to 12 years through two program components:

Children’s Church (held each Sunday): Activities are designed to engage children through organised sessions over 45 minutes to 1 hour. The curriculum emphasizes discovery, experience and relationship building and is designed to support children in establishing the foundations of faith.

Nurture ME is a monthly one-hour activity (online or in-person) informed by church’s Catch Them Before They Leap program. Nurture ME incorporates programming that supports social skills and knowledge among children with activities designed to improve school performance, increase connection to positive peers as well as access to structured, supervised and constructive opportunities for extra-curricular engagement. Examples of activities include virtual and in-person homework support, training sessions on culinary skills, music, use of computers and audio-visual equipment, and gardening.