Our History

Sylvester Taylor and his wife Sonia immigrated to Toronto, Canada in 1965 where he worked for several years while ministering part time. After seven years in Toronto, he accepted the call of God on his life to pastor and moved his small family to Montreal to pursue this calling. However, he recalls this as one of the most discouraging periods of his life. The Taylor family relocated to Calgary in 1979, and unable to deny the continuous call of God on his life, Showers of Blessings Apostolic Church of Calgary was established out of a prayer meeting in 1980 at the home of Bishop and Evangelist Taylor. 

Initially, members of this prayer meeting consisted mainly of his wife and four children, however, it quickly grew at a rate that made it difficult to accommodate the growing numbers. This led to the rental of a hall at 1507 14 Street SW, Calgary, Alberta.  Early members of this congregation included Reverend Gerold Johnson and his wife Sis Grace; Evangelist Agatha Campblin and Minister and Evangelist Dixon, all of whom are still vibrant members of this ministry.

The membership continued to steadily increase over the next five years which led to discussions about purchasing a building.  The majority of the congregation at the time were students with only part time income. Because of this, some members felt the financial obligation that accompanied the purchase of a building would be too great a responsibility on the congregation, so they opted to find a new church home, but there were a faithful few who trusted that God would provide. These members were a pillar of support to Bishop Taylor during this time.  Eventually, assisted by the boundless grace of God, Showers of Blessings was able to purchase its first property in 1989 at 1835 40th Street SE. A few years after moving into the newly acquired property, an opportunity arose to purchase a second building nearby.  God again proved Himself faithful, and as such, He arranged that the mortgage for both properties together was for a smaller amount than the mortgage on the first building by itself.

Bishop Taylor has always been a visionary and so he had great aspirations for the church.  In 2002 a plot of land was purchased at 3915 34 Street NE with proceeds from the sale of the second building that was acquired in Forest Lawn.  Construction of the new facility was completed in 2003 with a seating capacity of about 600.  In 2015 an addition to the building was completed, adding a beautiful multipurpose space – The Sylvester Taylor Fellowship Hall. 

Bishop Taylor continued his role until his retirement in 2016. At that time Dr. Joy Johnson-Green was ordained as the Senior Pastor.

Showers of Blessings Church remains a diverse and community-centered church where everyone is welcome.